Which 会计师协会 section membership is right for you?

考虑一下你目前的专业领中国分分彩票app下载, and explore future areas where you can meet growing demand and career opportunities.

Everything CPA 税 practitioners need to stay ahead of trends, and your advantage as the most trusted provider of professional 税 services


工具, advocacy and guidance to strengthen your services in estate, 税, 退休, 风险管理和投资规划


支持ing your work with NFPs through the latest accounting, auditing, 税 and governance 资源


Professional guidance, 资源 and tools for your forensic accounting and business valuation role

A deeper dive into your focus area, with tools and 资源 you'll use every day

Whether you're looking to enhance your current expertise, build new competencies or pivot your career in a new direction, 我们有工具, 资源, CPE and community you need to make a smooth and successful transition.


How do you prepare to be the best in your profession?

“There are three great reasons to join: First, it pays for itself. 光是免费的CPE就值这个价钱. Next, you get great guidance and 资源 from some of the best and brightest people in 税. 最后, you get to meet so many amazing people by volunteering for 会计师协会 committees and attending 会计师协会 events.”

Brandon Lagarde,注册会计师,J.D.,LLM
见 & Netterville


“There is so much change taking place in the financial reporting world today. Revenue, leases, not-for-profit financial reporting. All of these changes — the Section is a place I can go to find tools and 资源 to help my organization adopt those.”



“The PFP Section supported the development of my financial planning practice with best practices aligned with my CPA professional value. In the beginning, the PFP Section’s how-to guides gave me the confidence of being on the right track. Along the way, it connected me to deep and wide expertise from the profession’s thought leaders. It’s very comforting to have such a level of excellence on your side. The section’s extensive 资源 create value no financial professional can miss … or should do without.”

让-吕克·波登,注册会计师/ PFS  


“The in-depth practice aids on valuation and litigation topics are worth the price of the membership alone. These sources are invaluable to any person practicing in the dispute resolution or valuation practice areas, and you will be hard-pressed to find the level of author expertise anywhere else.”

蒂姆•考利CPA /酒精/ CFF


Section membership delivers what you want — and what you need — to advise your clients and organizations you serve.


Access to exclusive 资源, networking and guidance for accounting and finance professionals

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Achievements that amplify and display your expertise to the world

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